Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clash Of Clans Free Gems With AppNana

Update 1: I have realized that AppJoy wasn't working well compared to AppNana and so I have rewritten this post to reflect that. Sorry guys.

Update 2: I created a new website devoted solely towards in app purchases and my journey with Appnana. Come check out what the CEO of Appnana gave me.

On the previous post, I mentioned I was going to write about points program for Clash Of Clans gems.

There are a lot of point programs out there that you all can try, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll only focus on two here. Having so many programs to maintain constantly is too much work for me. I'd rather have just one program that does all my point getting.

We'll be focusing on Points2Shop and AppJoy AppNana. I would have only done AppNana because all you have to do is download the app and start using, but I also opted for Points2Shop for it's tiered referral system. What this means is that, you get points if your friend's friends sign up also. It's actually four levels deep so your friend's, friend's, friend's, friends. This is further explained below.


Now here's a simple program to use if you're on your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. It's simple, free, and you get points quite easily also. AppNana looks like AppJoy and you can even transfer your account. The differences are the small layout changes and the improved functionality that gets you your points quick compared to AppJoy.



  1. Open up your Safari browser and visit and register an account. You'll receive 10,400 Nanas upon signing up.
  2. Once done, bookmark the site onto your screen by tapping "Add To Home Screen" below. It'll turn into an app so you won't have to open up Safari every time.
  3. Open up AppNana and tap the "Get Nana" tab and install AppNana Sync to release the other offers. The ANS app also tracks your offers, which is how AppNana credits you correctly.          
  4. Open up ANS and log in. Exit and reopen AppNana to receive 500 Nanas.

  5. Complete 2-3 offers by downloading apps and you'll reach over 15,000 Nanas, which enables you to input a friend code for 2500 more Nanas.
    If apps don't register, try other apps. Sometimes it takes longer to get approved.



Before using a friend code, you must obtain 15,000 Nanas. This isn't hard to do actually; just download any 2-3 apps from the Offer section and you'll be good to go. Once done, input the referral code: y363957 and receive 2500 Nanas. Add 5 more friends, rinse, repeat, and exchange for a $10 iTunes gift card! You also get 400 Nanas each day you log in.