Saturday, June 22, 2013

Free Gems With Points2Shop

Update 2: I created a new website which allows you to share your invitation codes a lot easier here. All giveaways will be done there from now on.  


This program does things a bit differently. But the results are a lot better than AppNana when you take into consider their referral program. And every point that your friends make, you make also.This makes gaining your points a lot faster.

How You Earn

  1. Offers and Surveys. P2S relies heavily on these point methods, so there is more than enough for you to complete. You can go ahead and do the offers and surveys, which will definitely get you points, but will take longer. However, add up all those offers and you'll have a lot of points.
  2. Watch Videos. This method is very simple. Just watch a 30 seconds or so commercial/advertisement and you get your points.
  3. Daily Quests. Every day, users are allowed to complete simple tasks like finding a URL address, clicking offers, and simply searching on Google. Possibly the easiest and you earn upwards of 5-15 cents per quest, which is not bad at all considering the amount of daily tasks, which amounts to around 82 cents per day just for searching.
  4. Apps Download. Just like AppNana, you can also get points for downloading IOS apps. To properly set things up for this, you need to download the P2S app from the app store. The directions are here below once you've downloaded the app and logged in. 


  5. Invite Friends. Possibly the easiest, but the results varies from user to user. But let me explain with the picture below:
So you were able to invite two friends. Those two friends earn you 15% of their points in addition to their registration. Now those two friends have invited their own two friends, giving you 4 new friends and P2S pays you for their registration and offer activities.

Now imagine that you invited 10 friends, who also invited their 10 friends, who also invited their 10 friends.

That's 1000 friends!! Multiply that by 10 more for the 4th tier and you would have 10,000 friends! As you can see, the number of friends are limitless and the amount  you can earn is also limitless. Now go buy your gems; you deserve it! Click the banner below to register for Points2Shop.

Ways To Earn Graph

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