Thursday, June 20, 2013


Clash of clans video game is a combination of combat, strategy and fast attacks that need precise movements from the player.The main objective of this game is to raise an army of mainly wizards, goons and barbaric armies. One can start his own clan or join one and work his way up the game ladder by clashing other clans in fights and attacks.

Sending out goblins and bringing them back is not the goal but by being the top of all other clans.The main aim of clash of clans video game is to build a clan or a village into one strong empire that goes undefeated and withstands all attacks from the other clans,participating in online battles and when you win you score their points, safeguarding ones fortress and also joining up with other team members and forming one empire.

Clash of clans is a really addictive game and by a simple shift in the base arrangement of your clan one can achieve tremendous power on attacks and defense. One observation I got when playing the game is to never expose your inner castle because it will be destroyed in an instance on combat. Different clans or troops use different attacking and defensive styles hence you can interchange the formation from attack to defense to conquer the other army.

Learning from experience on this game is actually the best way to get through the game aside from attacking many online players. As I learned from playing the game, attacking high level game pros and taking a screen shot of their defense and attacking style proved worthy since I learned more than I could ever learn on my own.

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