Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Get Gems

Update 2: I created a new website which allows you to share your invitation codes a lot easier here. All giveaways will be done there from now on.

A lot of players ask what is the best way to get gems. Gems are the core of the game no matter how any one looks at it. Without gems, you would get stuck in limbo for a long time.

So to help, I've devised up this gem guide to help you guys know all the ways to obtain gems legally and effectively. Once that's done with, I'll go into talking about how to use your gems wisely. This is another mistake that all of us do and so by learning all this, you'll definitely be prepared on your way to creating a strong empire.

6 Ways To Get Gems

  1. Buying gems. This is of course the most effective and fast method, but it costs money to do. I'm pretty sure, you don't want to do this method that's why you're here.
  2. Clear debris. Everyday, new debris pile up and by cleaning these up, you'll get up to 3 gems per debris. Add that up once everyday and you can see how your gem bank can pile up.
  3. Achievements. Elixer, gold, donating troops, etc...will give you achievements, which in turn gives you gems. The more achievements the more gems. For example, reaching 1250 trophies, you'll receive 450 gems. You can also get 250 gems for donating enough troops. So when you look at it, achievements are a no-brainer to get a lot of gems.
  4. Leaderboard. At the end of each week, if you're on the top three clans, the game gives you over 1000 gems to share amongst your team member. Unfortunately, this is a bit tougher since there's only a maximum of 30 people who will receive the gems only.
  5. Facebook Competition. Occasionally, the creators of Clash of Clans will do FB competitions and give out gems. The previous one was last winter, which they gave out 500 gems. Hopefully they do more.
  6. Points Programs. This is one of the best ways to get free gems. There are a number of companies out their that will pay you in either points or cash to complete offers, do surveys, invite friends, and download mobile apps. We're going to focus on downloading apps, which is the simplest as you can delete the apps you don't want. There is a post dedicated to this topic.
  7. Hacks. Don't work. Please, I encourage you to turn a blind eyes towards these hacks that people claim to work. I know they show videos that seem so promising, but they're not. These guys have gone out of their ways to make persuading videos, and unfortunately many have fallen into it. However, these are not real and will not get you free gems. Gems are server sided and no matter how you change the script coding or buy a hack, your account is locked on the other side and any changes will not transfer to the server.

Best Ways To Use Your Gems

  1. Builders Hut. This is by far the BEST way to use your gems. Getting a hut will increase your productivity by 50%. So even by having three builders hut, you'll drastically increase your productivity.
  2.  Speeding Up Your Units. It takes a long time for your units to be formed completely, therefore I highly advise you to spend gems on speeding the unit creation time. You won't regret it once, you get attacked or need to attack fast. NOTE: Find the maximum amount of units for the amount of gems your getting. Don't just get 62 units for 8 gems when you can get 63 units for 8 gems.
  3. Buying Gold And Elixer. The more gold or elixir you buy, the more discount you get. When you have excess gems, use them to buy gold and elixir.
  4. Boosting. It's not necessary. Especially not for gold and elixir. Just speed up your troops rather than your mines or anything else.
  5. Buy Mighty Statue and Pirate flag. Not necessary unless you want to show off or something. 


I hope I've covered everything here, but if you have any other ideas, please feel free to add on to this post. I know its definitely a pain to stock up on gems and then use it all in one go, but once you've applied many of the tips I wrote up there, you should be well on your way to maintaining your gem bank. Look forward to my other posts.

I recommend reading my post here about point programs. 


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